Children battling cancer take fantasy 'Flight to the North Pole' at Mitchell International Airport

Flight to the North Pole

MILWAUKEE -- A group of children battling cancer went on a special holiday trip creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Saturday, Dec. 8, nearly 60 kids and their families hopped on a "Flight to the North Pole" at Mitchell International Airport.

The fantasy trip brought smiles all around as the aircraft shuttled the group to the "North Pole."

When they arrived at the hangar, families were greeted by the man of the hour, Santa Claus.

Santa's sleigh, crafts, characters and games kept the families busy during the event -- topping it off with a lunch and presents, of course.

Laura Golner, one of Santa's coordinators, says the day was filled with excitement and energy.

Flight to the North Pole

"It's rewarding for all of us beyond words," Golner said. "When you see a kid laugh that you know feels just crummy, it makes your heart melt. These families deserve so much more than what we're doing for them."

The idea behind the fantasy "Flight to the North Pole" is to allow families to experience a happy memory together, removing them from the day-to-day concern for their child's health.

Flight to the North Pole

Flight to the North Pole

"I saw a lot of tears, a lot of smiles -- just a good day," Golner said.

According to a news release, the "Flight to the North Pole" was founded in 1985 at General Mitchell International Airport. It has since spread to more than 20 other major cities and airports. The event is 100% funded by donations from individual and local companies, and 100% of the items and dollars donated goes directly to supporting the participating families.

Santa is always looking for good people to help out. To learn more about the Flight to the North Pole and how you can be involved, CLICK HERE.