Chief Flynn takes part in crime and policing summit in Chicago after deadliest day of shootings in 13 years

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn was in Chicago Wednesday, August 10th for a crime and policing summit.

The meeting at the University of Chicago came after the deadliest day of shootings in Chicago in 13 years.

On Monday, August 8th, nine people were killed across the city.

Flynn and other top police officials from nearly a dozen other major cities discussed national crime trends and the problems many departments face.

"If we were to draw and ellipsis and a density map around our highest poverty neighbors with our highest rate of unemployment, highest rate of school drop outs and the highest number of abandoned homes, that ellipsis would be the location of our highest rates of violence. We're the social agency of first resort for the poor," Chief Flynn said.

Flynn went on to say he and others feel as though they're located in states that are "hostile" to their interests.

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