Chicago family says their home has been raided by police 3 times - by mistake

CHICAGO — A family said Chicago police have raided their South Side home several times - by mistake.

Krystal Archie and her children said the raids have happened three times in four months. The family, their lawyer and Mayor Lori Lightfoot are all calling for reform.

Officers are supposed to knock and announce who they are, but the family said that's not what happened.

They claimed the officers burst in, pointed guns at their heads and destroyed the furniture. They also said the officers made jokes while raiding the home.

When Archie asked police why they kept raiding her home, she said one officer told her they needed to figure out what was going on with her neighbors. She said he implied CPD was targeting her apartment because she had a connection to her neighbors, which she said she did not.

Archie's children said they have trouble sleeping and are constantly afraid it will happen again.

Police are investigating these incidents.