Charged: Man in bunker near Estabrook Park had weapons stash, somehow was able to 'hide in plain sight'

Geoffrey Graff

MILWAUKEE — 41-year-old Geoffrey Graff is now charged in the wake of authorities finding two underground shelters near Estabrook Park. Inside those shelters, officials say they found a stash of firearms and ammunition.

Graff is charged with the following criminal counts:

    The bunkers Graff is accused of maintaining were found on Wednesday morning, Nov. 20 -- after multiple law enforcement agencies responded to a report of shots fired in the area near E. Capitol Drive and the Estabrook Park (near Capitol and Humboldt).

    Shelter uncovered near Estabrook Park

    The Milwaukee Sheriff’s Office on Friday identified the man they arrested at the bunkers as Graff. Inside the bunker, the criminal complaint says authorities found the following:

      Shelter uncovered near Estabrook Park

      The complaint says a detective interviewed Graff who stated that when he was being handcuffed by the police, he "could've cleared pretty easily if I wanted to" -- in reference to his ability to shoot the police. The complaint says Graff "refused to provide information to (the detective) about the whereabouts of a SKS rifle, stating that he would only do so depending on when he would be released from custody because 'we wouldn't want that slipping in the wrong hands.'"

      Graff told authorities "he has been using the structure for seven to ten years," the complaint says -- and that "he knew he was going to catch a felony charge." Graff also stated, "the UWM police should have shut down the street if they knew there were gunshots because 'one of those innocent college kids' coming in and out through there could have been shot." Graff also admitted "they could stop looking for the shooter because it was him," the complaint says.

      Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office news conference

      During a news conference on Friday, Nov. 22, Milwaukee County Sheriff Earnell Lucas said when officers initially found the bunker, Graff immediately incriminated himself on Wednesday morning by saying he had fired the shots into the river because he was frustrated that his dogs ran away.

      Shelter uncovered near Estabrook Park

      Shelter uncovered near Estabrook Park

      Lucas says the bunker was eight feet deep, eight feet wide, and 20 feet long.

      "Additionally, the encampment has a few items of sustenance, such as a grill, propane tanks, a generator and also had numerous power tools and hand tools inside," said Lucas.

      Investigators made the discovery on land owned by Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC). The shelters were found near MATC's transmitter.

      Shelter uncovered near Estabrook Park

      Court records show Graff has been in the system for years. In 2009, he was cited for causing a disturbance by riding down the street on a bicycle with eight german shepherd dogs running alongside him. In 2012, he was accused of getting into a scuffle with officers trying to detain him.

      "Thus far we have not been able to find any ideological or political motive for the individual's alleged conduct. Nor do we feel that there is any further or ongoing threat to public safety tied to this individual in custody, "said Lucas. "One would wonder how in an urban setting, an individual was able to hide in plain sight, if you will."

      MATC officials told FOX6 News debris has been cleared. The shelter has been capped and some additional work will take place in the near future. They do not have a cost estimate for the cleanup at this time.