CHARGED: Man accused of killing woman with hatchet-type weapon

RACINE CO. (WITI) -- 38-year-old Cristian Loga-Negru now faces multiple charges in connection with the death of a woman. Police say the victim was attacked with a hatchet-type weapon in Mount Pleasant on Wednesday, November 19th.

Loga-Negru faces the following criminal charges filed on Friday, November 21st: first-degree intentional homicide, mayhem and kidnapping. In court Friday, the judge ordered Loga-Negru be held without bond. A competency exam was also ordered. If convicted, Loga-Negru faces up to life in prison.

When appearing in court for the first time on Friday, it was said the victim did everything she was supposed to do as a domestic abuse victim. She reported the abuse, she got a restraining order, fled her home, and tried to hide in Mount Pleasant. And still wasn't enough to keep her safe.

"The case is as brutal I think as any we'll ever see," said Racine County District Attorney, Rich Chiapete.

A criminal complaint says Loga-Negru was seen dragging Roxana Abrudan across a yard in Mount Pleasant, and into his car. When an officer responded to the home, he found a metal hatchet with blood and hair on it -- and two fingers.

"He was lying in wait, in that rented vehicle with binoculars, with a hatchet, waiting for the opportunity to strike her," said Chiapete.

The complaint says Loga-Negru drove his rented car to a Super 8 Motel where he'd been staying with his father. It says when an officer found Loga-Negru standing over Abrudan in the car's backseat, he asked the officer for the death penalty and to shoot him.

Abrudan's injuries were violent and brutal.

"I don't think the use of the hatchet in this case was an accident. I think the weapon, when we looked at it, was meant to inflict the maximum amount of pain, terror and mutilation in this poor victim," said Chiapete.

Loga-Negru is charged with first degree intentional homicide, mayhem, and kidnapping. The district attorney asked the Loga-Negru be held without bond, saying the suspect is a danger to anyone he comes in contact with.

"She got a restraining order in the state of Illinois, she fled the state of Illinois and she hid from him -- he clearly had intent to do what he did," said Chiapete.

Loga-Negru will be held without bond. A competency exam has also been ordered. It is believed that Loga-Negru is a Romanian citizen, or has duel citizenship. The district attorney said Friday, he believes Loga-Negru may have planned to murder his wife, then fly back to Romania.

FOX6 News learned Loga-Negru has a history of problems with women. Court records show, its been only months since the suspect divorced a different woman in Illinois.

Loga-Negru’s former lawyer says the suspect has been married at least twice before this current relationship. The attorney tells FOX6 News Loga-Negru works in finance with his father. An online profile with LinkedIn lists him as the president of a trading service, and a veteran of the Army who spent time overseas in South Korea.

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