Chance the dog, found tied to a tree in Germantown, ADOPTED by police officer!

GERMANTOWN -- Chance the dog, found TIED TO A TREE and seemingly abandoned in Germantown, has been adopted by a Germantown police officer!

Officials with the Washington County Humane Society on Thursday, April 13th provided the below photos of Chance and his new dad, Officer Matt Jones with the Germantown Police Department.


Washington County Humane Society officials said this in a news release, announcing Chance's adoption:

"Although he was NOT the officer that responded to the original call, Officer Jones fell in love with Chance at the police station. A beautiful ending for a very sweet boy."

Germantown police on Tuesday, April 11th said a 34-year-old Germantown woman was arrested after Chance was found tied to a tree behind the Pizza Hut restaurant near Pilgrim Road and Mequon Road on April 2nd.

The 34-year-old Germantown woman was arrested on the following charges:

    The case will be sent to the Washington County District Attorney's Office for charges.