Cedarburg family raising awareness for people living with disabilities amid pandemic

Between the "Safer at Home" orders and working from home -- and more -- the coronavirus pandemic has brought serious change into people's lives. Amid it all, one Cedarburg family is raising awareness for people impacted more than most -- those living with disabilities.

In the family driveway, a radio and a basketball provide the soundtrack to Jacob Borkin's summer. A summer that, besides some jump shots and impromptu dancing, feels different from most.

Jacob, who lives with down syndrome, normally has a busy schedule.

"Jacob is just an amazing kid," his father, Scott Borkin, said. "He's got a lot more questions now on what we're gonna do today, or what's gonna go on tonight, or whatever, because he always had things planned out. Where now, he's wondering what're we gonna do next?"

Jacob Borkin

Those activities were more than things to do for Jacob; they brought him social interaction.

"That completely goes away if you're a person with a disability, especially during a pandemic where you have to social distance," said Jacob's mother, Madeline Borkin.

That is why Jacob's parents wanted to raise awareness of the pandemic's impact on those living with disabilities. To do so, they entered the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge.

Jacob Borkin

The Borkins hope a look at the inclusion, support and love Jacob enjoyed before the pandemic can help everyone reconnect with those living with disabilities.

"He relied on that social, in-person interaction, and now we have to kind of reimagine what that actually looks like," Madeline Borkin said.

After the video was shared, the Borkins said some of Jacob's friends have reached out through video chat to reconnect. The video entry makes them eligible for cash and other prizes.