Cause of death for man who fell at Hyatt Hotel pending

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office on Monday, January 21st released its report on the death of a 26-year-old West Bend man at the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Milwaukee early Sunday morning, January 20th.

The Medical Examiner's report indicates Adam Busack's cause of death is pending at this time.

The report indicates Busack tumbled to his death from a balcony 10 stories up from where he landed. The report says Busack fell approximately 120 feet, and suffered massive head trauma.

The report indicates Busack and his wife had come to Milwaukee to meet friends at attend the Monster Truck Show at the arena. They had been drinking, and the couple met up with friends who went out to eat and then attended the Monster Truck Show. 

Afterwards, the group went to a bar, where a man reportedly bought Busack's wife a beer, and this upset Busack. He reportedly became jealous and said he did not like this man.

The report says the group returned to the hotel and continued drinking. An argument later ensued between Busack and a group of men. At some point, Busack reportedly kicked in the bathroom door and the argument spilled out into the hallway near the elevators.

One witness reported seeing Busack attempt to punch one of his friends and saw other friends holding Busack down and attempting to subdue him.

Then, one of Busack's friends noticed Busack attempting to pick up coins that had fallen out of his pocket near the balcony, before he threw himself over the railing.

Those at the hotel at the time told FOX6 News a lot of people witnessed the incident.

“It’s heartbreaking that this happened,” Laura Nemetz said.

Nemetz was one of hundreds attending a mid-winter gaming convention at the hotel.

“There was a number of games going on -- board games, role-playing games going on up on the mezzanine on the second floor,” Kevin Wilhite said.

Nemetz says the way the hotel is construction led many to witness the fall.

“It’s kind of a big tower. The entire middle is open and all the floors go up," Nemetz said.

Paramedics and police were called, and some guests rushed to try to help.

“There were a number of EMTs at the gaming convention so they went up and tried to check and  clear the area, getting everybody back in and calmed down," Wilhite said.

“A lot of people were quite shaken. I saw a lot of people crying. That railing is pretty hard to stumble and fall off because it comes up at least past my waist. They have it designed so it’s hard to do that," Nemetz said.

 “It’s unfortunate. It’s terrible for the people involved,” Wilhite said.

The investigation is ongoing, but hotel officials told FOX6 News they do not suspect foul play.