Captured: US Marshals search for Ricardo Ross, 'consider him a danger'

UPDATE: Ross was arrested by U.S. Marshals on Monday night, Nov. 19 in Milwaukee.

MILWAUKEE -- A dispute over a litter of puppies ended with a husband allegedly shooting at his wife. She survived the incident. But the active warrant for the husband's arrest is still on the radar of the U.S. Marshals.

Ricardo Ross, 37, was featured on Wisconsin's Most Wanted two months ago.

"We did get information that he may be driving a white truck," said the agent working the case.

But the U.S. Marshals need more tips to get handcuffs on Ross.

"If you see him out on the streets just give us a call," the agent said. "I would consider him a danger if he can shoot at his own wife over an argument."

Police reports from May 2018 show a dispute started over a litter of puppies. Prior to the incident, Ross allegedly grabbed a baseball bat and struck the victim multiple times. The incident occurred at a home near 39th and Cherry in Milwaukee.

One way to recognize Ross is by looking just below his eye.

"Underneath his left eye he has a visible mark," the agent said.

As far as Ross' whereabouts, the U.S. Marshals suggest those that live near 40th and Greenfield be on the lookout for him.

"He used to live on the south side -- and he may still  be living down on the south side," the agent said.

The U.S. Marshals say they will not stop until an arrest is made. But they also encourage Ross to take responsibility and change the path his life is on.

"Just turn yourself in. Get this taken care of. You need to stand up for what you've done and just take care of it," the agent said.

Ross is described as being male, black, 6' tall and 220 pounds. Again, he has a mark underneath his left eye.

If you have information that could help locate Ross, you are urged to call 414-297-3707. You can remain anonymous.