Captured: US Marshals search for Eric Robinson, a neighborhood drug dealer with a violent past

MILWAUKEE -- Update: U.S. Marshals said Eric Robinson was arrested in Las Vegas.

U.S. Marshals say Eric Robinson, 28, is facing charges for two crimes in 2017. The first happened near 33rd and Walnut in April.

Prosecutors say a woman knew Robinson as a neighborhood drug dealer. She got inside his vehicle when Robinson offered her $40 for a sex act. She agreed. When it was over, he refused to pay her. He then told her she couldn't get out of the vehicle or "he would shoot her." She didn't see a gun, so she made a run for it. She was then shot in the left buttocks.

A DNA sample from the crime scene matched Robinson's. The victim survived.

"He does have convictions for armed robbery already and several battery convictions,” the agent on his case said.

The other incident happened in June when Robinson posted a phony ad on social media.

"He was supposedly selling a moped,” the agent explained.

Prosecutors say a father dropping his daughter off at a girl scout camp in Wisconsin wanted to purchase the moped for his son. He was told they needed to go near 28th and Kilbourn to make the purchase. Robinson made the excuse that he needed to get the title of the moped first.

"Make sure you know who you are meeting and make sure it's in a public place,” the agent advises FOX6 News viewers.

The two were inside the victim's vehicle when Robinson then pulled out his gun and said, "Give me all your money. Don’t make me shoot you."

The victim handed over $150.

“They ended up identifying Mr. Robinson by his tattoos,” the agent said. “He has a tattoo with his mother's name, Patricia.”

Agents say Robinson is well aware he is wanted by authorities. His mother has even tried to get him to turn himself in. Now they are turning to the public asking for any information on his whereabouts -- because his habit of taking from others is a danger to the community.