Can you help Oak Creek police? 20-ton excavator stolen, and then driven into Lake Michigan

OAK CREEK (WITI) -- Oak Creek police say a 20-ton excavator was stolen, and then driven into Lake Michigan.

Police say on Monday, December 1st, they investigated a report of construction equipment that was entered and operated without consent -- before that equipment was driven into Lake Michigan.

Oak Creek Police Detective Robert Michalski says the excavator tumbled down some 60 feet into Lake Michigan.

"It's just a drop off and into the water. I have seen it before on a smaller scale where we have had people joyride construction equipment . I've never driven one, so I cannot tell you whether it's easy or not," Detective Michalski said.

Police say the excavator was parked on property that was formerly the Peter Cooper Glue Factory.

Detective Michalski says the driver may not have intended to crash the excavator into the lake, but that doesn't mean the Oak Creek Police Department isn't taking this seriously.

"I just wouldn't want to see somebody potentially leave that on their conscious and have the environmental side associated with it. We are looking for any and all information," Detective Michalski said.

Police believe the total distance of this joyride to be about 200 yards.

CrimeStoppers is offering a $200 reward for information that leads to the person(s) responsible for what happened to the excavator.

You may anonymously contact Oak Creek Crime Stoppers at (414) 766-7699.