Cable gun locks given out for free in Racine

RACINE (WITI) -- You don't need to give your name or your address, they'll just give you one. If you have a gun in your house, this will give your family one more safety precaution. The Racine Police Department along with the Racine Health Department gave away cable gun locks. They are used to not only keep small children safe, but also cut down on teen suicides.

"It's just being responsible, being a responsible gun owner if you have a weapon to be responsible and securing it in some shape or fashion and we're providing the lock for free," said Lieutenant Al Days from the Racine Police Department.

The cable lock blocks the gun's chamber to prevent the weapon from being fired. It is put through the magazine well and chamber, or gun barrel and chamber to block a bullet from moving into position.

"I think it's safe and keep it away from the children," said gun owner Ali Abed.

The Wisconsin Health Department says there are more than 400 accidental firearm deaths each year, and 85% of youth suicides are carried out by using a family member's gun.

"It's there for securing your weapon in your home and also preventing teen suicide and all of that," said Days.

"My grandsons they're younger and all that so we just make sure everything is locked well they can't go in the gun safe anyway though," said gun owner Lynn Chaffee.

For Chaffee, these locks are used as an extra safety measure and it also teaches his family about proper gun use.

"You might not have a safe to put it in and kids are curious they're going to look around and wonder what it is," said Tami McIntosh, who is thinking about purchasing her first gun.

These cable gun locks are available because of a grant from the Charles E. Kubly Foundation, which is a charity devoted to improving the lives of those affected by depression.