Burglary ring has struck the New Berlin area 14 times

NEW BERLIN -- Since mid-December, a burglary ring has struck New Berlin and the surrounding communities at least fourteen times.

The New Berlin Police Department says that most of the burglaries have occurred in the morning hours, after most people have left for work. Officials say the burglaries started happening around mid-December in and around the New Berlin area including Hales Corners, Greenfield, Milwaukee, Brookfield, Menomonee Falls, and West Allis.

The following method of operation has been reported in the New Berlin cases: the suspects will drive through a neighborhood on a weekday morning, and look for homes that do not look occupied. The suspects then approach the home and knock on the front door, pretending to look for someone, and give a various name, then pretend they have the wrong house.

Most of these burglaries have occurred before noon. Suspects are looking for high value items like TVs, jewelry or weapons. Suspects are often driving a stolen car, or they steal one from a home they burglarize.

The New Berlin Police Department is urging residents to pay close attention to their neighborhood and safeguard their home if they are going to work. If you see anything suspicious, you are asked to contact the New Berlin Police Department immediately.