Burgers for BLM: The Original restaurant donates 100% of proceeds to combat 'a problem we all face'

MILWAUKEE -- Burgers are always good on a hot summer day, but burgers for a cause are even better.

Those with The Original spent their day off selling food and giving 100% of proceeds to Black Lives Matter efforts in Milwaukee.

Staff said they're sad it had to come to the incidents that have taken place this year, but for America, this is a problem and what we've seen is the first step toward progress.

"If everything goes well, we can continue to try to fund different groups that are active, as well as increase our own activism, and maybe bring to the forefront more people to understand that this is a problem that we all face, and probably the most important problem that we are facing today," said Eric Rzeeka, co-owner of The Original.

Rzeeka said his executive chef wanted to do more than just talk about what is going on in America and Milwaukee -- and instead take action.