'Buddy Check is my buddy:' Dousman woman thanks FOX6 for early detection of breast cancer

DOUSMAN -- We know the earlier you detect cancer, the better your odds are at beating it.

That's why FOX6 has teamed up with Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin for Buddy Check 6.

We met up with Ronda Laue on a sunny day in Dousman, where she and her brother walked into her favorite flower shop.

It's a place she finds comfort, especially on days that not so long ago, weren't so bright.

"It was scary," said Laue.

It all started in a chair in her living room.

Ronda Laue

"I felt a little thing," said Laue.

This, while doing her monthly breast self-exam.

After feeling a small bump, Laue knew she needed to get it checked out, so she went in for a mammogram.

It was shortly after that appointment, Laue got the devastating diagnosis: She had cancer.

"Boom. Within days, I was in there getting chemo," said Laue.

Not knowing what to expect or how the treatment would affect her were some of Laue's main concerns.

Ronda Laue

Her love for family and friends gave her the strength on the toughest days.

"I did it for my family, for my friends," said Laue. "You want them to be happy."

Ronda Laue

"Because if you die, if you go away, they're going to miss you, so you do it for them," Laue continued.

The fear she felt just one year ago on a dark, cold winter day has turned to light and laughter.

And that laughter brings a smile to FOX6, too.

Laue was moved to do those breast self-exams because of Buddy Check 6 -- a program FOX6 is committed to and proud of.

"Buddy Check is my buddy, they're my buddy. I do Buddy Check with you guys on TV," said Laue. "I caught it really, really early. That's what saved me."

All because she took a moment in her chair to do the self-exam.

"I'm lucky, I'm one of the lucky ones," said Laue. "It's a wonderful life, isn't it?"

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