Brown Deer Middle School officials "deeply troubled" after students accused of taking part in "sex party"

BROWN DEER (WITI) -- Four Brown Deer Middle School students could face serious charges. Police say they were involved in a sex party -- and they're accused of recording it on their cell phones.

Word of this alleged party over winter break has been spreading quickly -- not just on social media. FOX6 News has seen hundreds of comments on our Facebook page.

FOX6 News was able to talk with some residents. They used words like this in reacting to what allegedly took place: "appalling," "sad," and "disgusting."

"The party annotation really came from the way it was dispatched to us. Because in reality it was just a few kids, four, that got together and had sexual activity," said Brown Deer Police Chief Michael Kass.

Chief Kass says the ages of those involved, coupled with the fact that they recorded it on their cell phones are things being taken into consideration when determining potential criminal charges.

"While the appearance is that it was all consensual, we just don't know that as a fact -- because legally they can't consent," said Chief Kass.

School officials say nothing happened at the middle school, but that's where they found out about it. They say other students approached them, concerned for the safety of those allegedly involved. Those administrators immediately brought that information to the Brown Deer Police Department.

A statement was issued by the Brown Deer School District, saying school officials are "deeply troubled" to hear of this incident and that the district is "actively working with authorities" as the investigation continues.

"When you leave kids unsupervised, sometimes odd things happen, so it's important you not only supervise your children but you also know what they're doing with their cell phones. You need to know what's going on," said Chief Kass.

Police say all four of the teens involved were arrested and then released to their parents.

Brown Deer police are recommending the students be charged with first and second degree sexual assault of a child.

It is now up to the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office to decide whether any type of charges will be filed.

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