'Brought our communities together:' Burn Boot Camp delivers hundreds of meals to frontline workers

KENOSHA -- If you need a pick-me-up, there are a collection of feel-good stories at ShareLemonade.com.

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One freshly-picked story from the site focused on how one group went from fitness to feeding the front lines.

For Shawnie Foszcz and her Burn Boot Camp community, going to the hospital during the pandemic was never something they saw themselves doing.

With vehicles full of food, Foszcz's friends, family and clients delivered nearly 600 meals to Ascension Hospital.

Collecting that food was no easy task, considering their gyms in Kenosha and Mount Pleasant aren't even open due to COVID-19.

"I reached out to my members and I did a live video and I was like, 'You guys, I had this crazy idea. Do you want to help me try to raise money and feed like, frontline workers, hospital workers and police officers and fire departments?'" said Foszcz.

Members from both Burn Boot Camps jumped at the idea and in 24 hours, the group raised more than $17,000, all while Foszcz was trying to keep her staff employed through online workout classes and a new reality of having kids at home full time.

"It's been a little crazy a lot of, a lot of coordinating," said Foszcz. "I have a giant white board at home that has each day literally laid out for deliveries, for homework, for meetings and conference calls."

"We worked with four local restaurants and that were all small businesses, so it was kind of like small business helping small business feed the front line," said Foszcz. "We worked something out with them with easy meals that we could do individually packaged for the hospitals and we are now in the process of each day going to deliver the meals to those frontline workers."

Boxes of meals stacked deep in the back of cars, minivans and SUVs going to first responders.

"The crazy thing is, despite all of this going on and us being closed, it's really brought both of our communities together," said Foszcz. "Just to see them all come together, really work together and make this all happen, the communities are incredible. Without them, none of this would've been possible."