Bringing in the "political celebrities:" Can Chris Christie and Michelle Obama motivate voters?

MILWAUKEE/HUDSON (WITI) -- New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is headed for Wisconsin to campaign for Governor Scott Walker, and first lady Michelle Obama is headed to the Badger State to campaign for Democratic candidate for governor Mary Burke. So will these big names be enough to motivate voters to head to the polls on November 4th?

In 2012, the difference between Governor Scott Walker and Tom Barrett was just 83 votes. With the potential for another tight race this November, both parties are working to get supporters to the polls and win over the few voters that remain undecided.

Political celebrities like Chris Christie and Michelle Obama can fire up supporters, but can they win support for their candidate in the Wisconsin governor's race?

"It makes them like 'oh, Michelle`s gonna be here so maybe I`ll go down there' even if it`s to meet them or speak what`s on their mind," Yvette Petty said.

UW-Milwaukee professor Mordecai Lee says each party has its reasons for bringing in the big names. The Republicans, he says, likely believe Christie can help them win support from undecided moderates.

"A lot of Democrats, a lot of moderates voted for him and so the thinking in the Walker campaign is presumably 'hey, if he can appeal to those same voters he got in New Jersey, a few Democrats, a few moderates, a few independents, that would be enough for us to win,'" Lee said.

Lee says the Burke campaign has a different goal: motivating supporters who typically vote only in presidential elections.

"What they`re hoping will happen is people will say to themselves 'two years ago, I voted for President Obama. I felt really good about it. I liked him. Now his wife is saying why don`t I do that again? Maybe I`ll do that again,'" Lee said.

Some voters say the appearances might influence others, but it does nothing for them.

"In all honesty, it doesn`t mean a whole lot because personally, my mind is made up and I think most peoples' are," Kevin Dunne said.

"I think it just brings attention to the state that they`re necessarily coming to but I don`t think it makes a difference one way or another," Sheree Walker-Armstrong said.

The Walker campaign confirms that Christie will be campaigning with Walker in Hudson on Monday. Michelle Obama will be in Milwaukee campaigning for Mary Burke on Monday.