Brewers free dental clinic for kids

Going to the dentist isn’t always fun—but say your dentist's office is at American Family Field, it might not be so bad. A free dental clinic is helping kids in need. 

"I like when they clean it and when they fall out, you get money," said 5-year-old Amora Jones. She has her priorities straight when it comes to her teeth.

She is one of three hundred children from the Boys and Girls Club and the Children’s Outing Association getting dental appointments Thursday—for free. 

"Some of these children, in a lot of cases, have never been to the dentist. Never been at all. They may come at six, eight, ten years old and never been to the dentist," said Team Smile Exec. Director John McCarthy.

Whether kids come for dental hygiene tips, a typical cleaning, or even a filling — everybody walks out with a brighter smile.

"I’m hoping to lift them up, educate them, and make it fun and hopefully they’ll brush their teeth a little better at the end of the day," said Leah Forseth.

All of this was made possible through the Brewers Foundation, Delta Dental, and Team Smile. 

"All these volunteers are going ot not only be able to put a smile on the children's face, but be able to genuinely help them. There's a great feeling being able to serve others and make a difference in the life of a child," said McCarthy.