Brewers' fans take timeout to pay respects to fallen MPD officer: 'This is more important'

Charles Irvine Jr.

MILWAUKEE -- People from across the area took a moment to pay their respects to fallen Milwaukee Police Officer Charles Irvine Jr. The procession passed by Miller Park and fans put baseball on hold as they watched on Saturday, June 16.

"The game is for three hours, this is for a moment," said Heather Huebschen, Milwaukee. "We want to support the family and support Officer Irvine."

A sea of blue and yellow looked down to the passing lights of red and blue. The procession rode by the stadium on the way to Forest Home Cemetery -- carrying the body of a man most at the park did not know but will never forget.

"My son is an officer too in Milwaukee. I just feel very connected," Huebschen said.

For Heather Huebschen, it had special meaning.

"I don't know the family, I don't know the officer, but just the whole experience and having a child that is also an officer, just hits home," Huebschen said.

Huebschen's joined by countless others saying one final goodbye.

"It's sad. It shouldn't have happened," said Courtney Wagner, watched procession.

"It's a shame that the city lost a police officer who had his whole career in front of him. He was so young," said Ron Tallinger, Waukesha.

Some waved as the casket went by, others shed tears.

Funeral procession for Charles Irvine Jr.

"Parents should never have to bury their kids," said Wagner.

Focused on the women and men in uniform, because the most important moment didn't happen on the field but outside of the ballpark.

"Who cares? Brewers will be there tomorrow. This is more important," said Tallinger.

Many were inspired by how the community came together to honor Officer Irvine; they're hoping the support continues.