Brady Street prepares to close for Harley-Davidson riders

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Brady Street is getting in on the Harley-Davidson festivities. Friday and Saturday night, nine blocks of the street, from Van Buren Avenue to Farwell Avenue will be shut down for riders.

As of Tuesday, August 27th, preparations were well underway. Banners were hung, crews were working on patching up the streets and sidewalks, and bars and restaurants were receiving truck loads of beer and other supplies.

There will plenty of parking available. The plan is to shut down the street for motorcycle-only parking. Of course, there will be plenty of bars and restaurants.

However, those aren’t the only businesses preparing for the two days of festivities. Mari Cucunato owns a flower shop on Brady, and said she will definitely stay open.

“No! Absolutely not.” responded Cucunato when asked if she ever even considered closing her shop during the two day closure of the street.

“I just want to have fun and kind of show off my store a little bit. I have this fabulous store on Brady Street," said Cucunato. "I know I’m not going to selling beer and that sort of thing but why can’t they just enjoy my store and get a feel of Brady Street and the flavor of what the street is all about- just fun and diversity.”

Cucunato might not be selling beer, but she will be selling flights of wine, as well flowers. Plus, she’s been decorating her store in the Harley-Davidson theme.

“I thought women might like the black lace with the orange. I am going to be putting these on the lantern outside,” said Cucunato, talking about black and orange bows she is making to hang outside her shop.

“And I’ll be decorating more in the store with the bottles of wine,” said Cucunato.

She also has ordered special flowers for the occasion- orange, of course.

Cucunato said she believes that everybody on Brady Street is having fun with this, and is excited to host the riders.

“It’s typically a holiday weekend. A lot of businesses are closed, but we`re staying here for the Harley riders,” said Cucunato, “This is so exciting to have all these people coming to Milwaukee. I think we are so lucky, economically and for tourism. It’s just amazing to have all these incredible people coming in to our beautiful city of Milwaukee, so we’re just beyond thrilled.”