Boy accused of sexual assault at Cedarburg daycare appears in court

CEDARBURG (WITI) -- The 12-year-old boy accused of multiple counts of first-degree sexual assault in connection with the Cedarburg daycare case was in court Friday morning, May 3rd. He entered a plea of not guilty due to mental disease or defect.

The owner of the Family Tree Learning Center was in court as the boy appeared by video conference from the Washington County Juvenile Detention Center.

Due to the young age of the boy accused, the hearing was closed to the public. But the court did rule the child could be placed in the Rawhide residential facility where social workers can assess and monitor his behavior.

The boy's attorney entered a plea to deny the charges by reason of mental disease of defect, saying the child may have issues. The attorney also said he believed it was worth exploring the issue of competency.

Meanwhile, parents of the children who recently were enrolled in the daycare are concerned.

"I think it's disgusting that they just kind of turned their head and pretending it wasn't happening," said the mother of a victim.

The woman said her son was molested by the same boy nearly four years ago. Nothing legally was done.

Another father says the same 12-year-old boy was involved in an assault on his young son at the same daycare a year ago, but there wasn't enough evidence to do more.

Earlier in the week, the daycare owner made a court appearance on allegations she did not report the most recent sexual assault. Meanwhile, the other children at the daycare, which is now closed, are being interviewed by child experts to see if there are any more victims.

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