Boston probe: First test of cooperation between feds, local officials

DODGE CO. (WITI) -- The effort in Boston is being called precedence-setting and the first test of a new type of cooperation between federal and local officials. That comes from Wisconsin's next Director of Emergency Police Services. Former Dodge County Sheriff Todd Nehls will step into that job at the end of April.

Nehls watches the coordinated effort between federal and Boston officials as they search for a suspected terrorist. An unprecedented lockdown of a major city and door-to-door searches are underway.

"The real astonishing thing here is many of the policies and procedures that have been implemented since Oklahoma City and 9/11, presidential directives, presidential decisions that have come out requiring local state and federal officials to work together as one team coordinate their efforts and lays out what organization is in charge," said Nehls.

Nehls, who did special training as a member of the National Guard in Afghanistan, was also involved in the response to Act 10 protests at the State Capitol in Madison.

"Boston, right now in the metropolitan area of Boston, and the federal investigators are validating everything we've been working on for the last 15 or 20 years," said Nehls.

In his new position, Nehls would coordinate the law enforcement personnel and resources if there would be a police response needed in this state.