BloodCenter of Wisconsin answers call to send blood products to Puerto Rico

MILWAUKEE -- BloodCenter of Wisconsin is part of a network of other blood centers in the country who are sending blood products to Puerto Rico to ensure a safe blood supply as that U.S. territory battles a Zika virus outbreak.

BloodCenter has already shipped 145 units of blood through its affiliation with America’s Blood Centers and Blood Centers of America, and may be asked to provide additional units.

“It is our mission to serve our community first and foremost, but also to respond and provide assistance when help is needed,” said Dr. Jerome Gottschall, senior medical at BloodCenter of Wisconsin.

“We know our donors are ready and willing to help. As a country—as a community—we must ensure that we are prepared to help people in need wherever they are.”

BloodCenter is asking donors to schedule an appointment to help save lives not only in our community, but to also ensure other communities have a safe and adequate blood supply.

 Donors can call 1-877-BE-A-HERO (1-877-232-4376) or visit  We continue to be in critical need of O-negative blood.   Appointments are preferred to ensure a quick and convenient donation, but walk-ins are also welcome. Donors should bring a photo ID that includes birth date.

 Anyone 16 or older who is in general good health and meets eligibility requirements is encouraged to donate blood. Parental consent is required for 16-year-olds to donate. The entire process takes about an hour.