Blind dog up for adoption has her own seeing eye dog

DENTON, Texas -- It’s easy to see that two North Texas dogs, Bart and Babs, are best friends. But for one half of this dynamic duo, life is a bit harder to see.

“We got them about a year ago, and Babs had glaucoma. It progressed to the point that it was very painful so she had to have her eyes removed,” said Jim Wenger of  DFW Rescue Me.

Even though Babs can't see, she relies on Bart to lead the way.

“He’s kind of her seeing eye dog. If he goes into a room, she’ll go into a room. If he gets on the couch, she’ll get on the couch, into the car. It's amazing; watching her, you wouldn’t even know she doesn’t have eyes," Wendger said.

The two are up for adoption and folks with the rescue group have a vision on where these two dogs should end up.

“The difficult thing on finding them homes is they really need to be the only dogs in the house, because Bart is a little protective of Babs and wants to be sure that she's all right. And that's a little difficult ,because not all homes are ready to go from zero dogs to two,” Wenger said.