"'Black Lies Matter' will join forces with ISIS:" Comments made by Sheriff Clarke causing controversy

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke's recent commentary is causing some controversy not only here in Milwaukee, but across the country.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke on Fox & Friends

On Fox & Friends on Monday morning, October 26th, Sheriff Clarke was asked about the Black Lives Matter movement, and whether it plays an important role.

"No. It's garbage. It's a subversive movement," Sheriff Clarke said.

On Fox & Friends, Sheriff Clarke suggested police should allow "Black Lives Matter" demonstrators and business owners to get into confrontations.

"Then the police can show up and arrest these sub-human creeps for creating a disturbance," Sheriff Clarke said.

Sheriff Clarke said this on Twitter Tuesday night, October 27th:

Khalil Coleman

"It says, 'Black Lies Matter will join forces with ISIS,'" Khalil Coleman, a Milwaukee educator, activist and advocate said.

Coleman, who is part of the "Black Lives Matter" movement, says the larger concern here is the content of Clarke's message on Twitter.

Black Lives Matter

"Out the gate, he's saying 'Black Lies,' so anything that comes with the 'Black Lives' movement is a 'lie,'" Coleman said. "I don't know no 'ISIS.' I don't know no other brothas that know no 'ISIS.'"

But Coleman says he does know the "Black Lives Matter" movement is being misunderstood.

"When people say 'all lives matter' -- yes. Very true. All lives do matter. But in order for all lives to matter, you can't deny black lives," Coleman said.

Sheriff Clarke declined FOX6's request for an interview on Wednesday regarding his comments.