"Benefit Cosmetics" automated vending kiosk installed at Mitchell International Airport

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee County’s General Mitchell International Airport is now offering a new retail option for travelers on the go: a "Benefit Cosmetics" automated vending kiosk has been installed on Concourse C.

Benefit Cosmetics, based in San Francisco, is one of the fastest growing cosmetics companies in the world.  The kiosk at Mitchell Airport, operated by Zoom Systems, is the first stand-alone Benefit retail outlet in Wisconsin.

Benefit’s “fast and fabulous beauty solutions” offer travelers a last-minute bit of glamour before heading off to weddings, the beach, or wherever else their vacations may take them.

The “Glam Up and Away” beauty kiosk will help travelers pick out last-minute needs, including mascara, face powder, and eyeliner.  The kiosk also has travel-friendly kits that are TSA-compliant.

Prices are the same as those at any Benefit boutique, counter or BenefitCosmetics.com, and the kiosk accepts all major credit cards.  Merchandise purchased at the kiosk can be easily returned by mail.

The Benefit Cosmetics kiosk is located just beyond the security checkpoint for Concourse C, which serves Southwest/AirTran and American.