Beloit college mourns loss of alumnus, Luke Somers

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Beloit College is in mourning tonight. A 2008 graduate, held captive in Yemen, was killed Friday, December 5th.

It happened while U.S. Armed Forces attempted to rescue Luke Somers and a South African hostage. It was the second attempt to rescue Somers. The raid ended tragically, Friday.

We are all given a certain amount of time -- but it's what we do with it that determines who we become. It was on the Beloit College campus where Luke Somer's passion for bigger places flourished.

The 2008 graduate became a photojournalist traveling the world to often dangerous places. While doing work in Yemen, Somers was captured by Al Qaeda and held for more than a year.

Somers is seen on video released by the terror organization earlier in the week. The U.S. was given 3 days to comply with unspecified demands. Somers family tried to make an appeal to the militants.

Friday his life was cut short. Somers and a South African captive were killed by Al Qaeda during a rescue attempt by U.S. forces.

U.S. Officials say a team of Navy Seals and a combat medical team were transported near Somers' location -- but lost the element of surprise as they approached the compound. It was the second attempt to rescue Somers.

Today, the campus that helped build Somers is in mourning.

The college released a statement saying:

"The Beloit College community this morning is grappling with news of the loss of Luke Somers, a 2008 graduate of the college. We offer our sincerest condolences to his parents, siblings, and family, to his classmates and friends, and to the people he courageously and selflessly served in Yemen. We are proud to be associated with Luke and so sorry the world has lost him."

A huge loss for a man who's time ran out too soon.