"Been having nightmares:" Katrina survivor now in Milwaukee area overwhelmed amid Harvey

MILWAUKEE -- Tropical Storm Harvey has impacted those in SE Texas as we marked the 12th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The Tommy Thompson Center at Wisconsin's State Fair Park housed Katrina survivors, many of whom left the area when they were able. Only a few remained here, and FOX6 News spoke with one Wednesday, August 30th, as Harvey relief efforts continued in Texas.

Christin Logarakis

"I've been having nightmares and breaking down and not having a good week," Christin Logarakis said.

Logarakis said the flashbacks have been vivid. Twelve years ago, she left New Orleans as Hurricane Katrina was bearing down.

"I threw the cats and a bag of clothes in the car thinking 'I'll be back in a week,'" Logarakis said.

The images coming out of Houston in the wake of Harvey made the 12th anniversary of Katrina difficult for Logarakis.

"Bad PTSD. It hasn't been...it's been 12 years, so I've had a while to get over it. I'm always depressed around this time every year, but this year is bad because it happened to be exactly the same time as Katrina," Logarakis said.

Hurricane Katrina

Logarakis now lives in the Milwaukee area, where she has family. She said she knows there will be hard times ahead for Harvey victims.

"I went back to see my place. I had not been flooded, but I got a lot of rain damage from tiles lost on the roof and I was looted twice of everything I owned, so I didn't actually lose my house, but I lost everything I own. They even took the stove and the washer and dryer and sponges under the sink," Logarakis said.

Hurricane Katrina

On Wednesday, overwhelmed by what has happened in the Houston area, Logarakis tried to stay positive.

"The people who donated to Katrina, if you never got a thank you, thank you. Thank you from me and everybody else. It actually helped, so if you're thinking of donating for Houston and you're not sure, please donate. They need it and it will help. It will all help," Logarakis said.

The handful of Katrina survivors who stayed in the Milwaukee area after the storm did so because they had family here, or other ties to Milwaukee.

A submerged car seen in Spring, Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey on August 30, 2017. Monster storm Harvey made landfall again Wednesday in Louisiana, evoking painful memories of Hurricane Katrina's deadly strike 12 years ago, as time was ru