Bayside Garden Center brings holiday cheer with poinsettia varieties

If you're in the midst of decorating your home for the holidays, Bayside Garden Center has some advice on how to care for poinsettias and a safety reminder for pet owners.

“All different colors, all different sizes meant to kind of let you fit your Christmas décor,” Courtney Larson of Bayside Garden Center said.

In July, these beauts started their journey -- growing into the holiday season. At Bayside Garden Center, Larson said the best way to care for your poinsettia is to place them in bright, direct light and water them consistently.

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Courtney Larson

“You want to put them in a spot that’s going to be away from drafts, away from any kind of cold or heaters are on, so that might be a factor in drying them out a little faster, so just keep that in mind,” Larson said.

All of the poinsettias at Bayside Garden center are grown locally, which allows them to create unique variations of the colors of the plant. Those are usually the first to be picked over.

“We control everything that goes into them," said Larson. "We control everything that helps them grow, so you know you’re getting them from a good source,” she said.

A warning for pet owners -- the winter plant can be dangerous for your furry friends.

“If you have a pet in the house, especially one that’s prone to consuming plants a lot, definitely put it in a spot they can’t get to, or maybe consider -- we have a lot of fun plants we can make holiday for you,” Larson said.

Lastly, remember that poinsettas are delicate -- so be careful when bringing them home and while watering.