Baseball fans, beachgoers looking to enjoy the outdoors, forced to deal with high heat

MILWAUKEE -- With temperatures soaring towards record breaking highs the past couple of days, there is concern about heat-related health problems.

The sunny skies brought many out to the ballpark and the beaches on Monday, May 28. The head forced them all to find creative ways to stay cool.

At Miller Park, Jason and Bethany Garrett planned ahead so four-month-old Elizabeth would be comfortable.

"We're sitting in the shade side over here, so we kind of looked at that before we got here," Garrett said.

Ambulance carts were on hand. The first aid room was ready. Air conditioned rooms that are known as cool zones were available to all fans.

Coping with heat at Miller Park

Coping with heat at Miller Park

"We need to turn Bernie's slide into a water slide," said Alex Montieth.

If Monday's heat was not enough, it was not the first hot day for fans.

"Yesterday it was humid and there was a little bit of rain, but the rain did not help out much," Montieth said.

At Lakefront Beach in Pewaukee, the high temperatures led to few opens spots on the sand. Elizabeth Sedgwick and her family found the shade of a tree helpful.

"It was really beneficial. We've got young ones and we try to keep them out of the sun. They get burned pretty quickly on a day like today," Sedgwick said.

Lakefront Beach in Pewaukee

If anyone wants to find out where they can go to be cool or what they should do, operators are standing by if you call 211.