Bars, New Year's revelers brave cold, snow to celebrate

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Bitterly cold temperatures are a little too familiar for what's supposed to be a New Year. Police say the dangerous wind chills make it all the more important for revelers to do a couple of things.

She knows it won't be pleasant, but Gina Accetta says celebrating in downtown Milwaukee is something worth freezing for.

"I think everybody's just looking forward to next year and celebrating the last so you wanna look nice 'cause you're gonna see friends, people you haven't seen in a long time and you wanna look nice. So I'm wearing a dress and I'm gonna freeze," said Accetta.

Accetta is not alone. Bar owners up and down Water Street prepared for a busy, yet blustery New Year's Eve.

"Certainly with parking and a lot of people, girls in dresses, it makes it a little tricky. But we don't think the weather will factor too much for the people on New Year's," said Drew Deuster.

Deuster is part owner of McGillycuddy's and Red Rock Saloon. He emphasized safety with his staff.

"We meet with the bartenders before their shift and we give them a number of criteria to identify somebody who probably doesn't need to have another drink, offer them waters, certainly make sure they get to where they need to be going safely," said Deuster.

Milwaukee police say aside from drunk driving, one of their biggest concerns is revelers getting separated and then lost.

"We ask everybody coming down here, especially those who plan to consume alcoholic beverages to remain responsible for themselves and to pretty much buddy up, watch out for your friends, your relatives, anyone you're choosing to celebrate New Year's with," said Capt. Aaron Raap.