Barrett disappointed after failure to pass gun legislation

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Reaction is coming in from across the nation after the Senate's decision Wednesday, April 17th to block a proposal to expand background checks on gun sales.

The plan failed to get the 60 votes needed to pass.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says expanding background checks will save lives. He pointed to the Azana Salon & Spa shooting in Brookfield last year as an example.

In October, Radcliffe Haughton bought a gun online without any background check and killed his estranged wife and two other women.

"(Radcliffe's wife, Zina Daniel) went to court. She got the restraining order because she made the case that she feared that her life was in danger. (Radcliffe Haughton) could not legally purchase a gun at a registered firearms dealer, so he knew exactly what he had to do and he went out and did it," Mayor Barrett said.

Congress is still considering other gun control legislation, including a proposed ban on military-style semi-automatic firearms.