Barrett accuses Walker of signing recall petitions against Kohl, Feingold

MADISON -- Milwaukee Mayor and Democratic candidate for governor Tom Barrett continued to launch attacks at Governor Scott Walker on the campaign trail Memorial Day Weekend.

Sunday, May 27th, Barrett accused Gov. Walker of signing recall petitions in the past, when it has suited him.

"There are just so many questions Gov. Walker refuses to answer," Barrett said.

"His whole objective is to attack me. He doesn't have a plan," Gov. Walker said.

Barrett and Gov. Walker faced off Friday, May 25th in their first debate. Barrett said during the debate that he believes Gov. Walker signed recall petitions against Wisconsin senators Herb Kohl and Russ Feingold back in 1997.

In Racine Sunday, Gov. Walker responded, saying Barrett is getting desperate and is trying to distract voters from Barrett's record.

In West Allis Sunday morning, Barrett continued to press the issue, pointing out that Gov. Walker is now against recalls based on policy decisions.

"He refuses even to answer questions such as -- did he sign recall petitions against Senator Feingold and Senator Kohl? The more questions he refuses to answer, the more people are asking themselves -- why is he asking us to trust him when he's not willing to trust us with the answers to these questions?" Barrett said.

"I don't believe I did (sign the recall petitions), but I have nothing that strikes my memory from 15 years ago one way or the other. What they're trying to do is divert attention away from the failed record of the city of Milwaukee. Unemployment is up, violent crime is up, taxes and fees are up and they don't want to talk about our positive record in the state, which is working," Gov. Walker said.

Barrett also responded Sunday to Gov. Walker's claim that Barrett has no clear plans after taking office.

"My plan is to introduce a special session and work with the Legislature to restore collective bargaining rights and rights for workers.  Workers will continue to pay more toward their pension and healthcare, but I believe that they should have the right to organize and bargain. Then over the next six to seven months, we'll work to create more jobs," Barrett said.

Both Gov. Walker and Barrett will continue campaigning on Memorial Day. Barrett will be at the Beloit Memorial Day Parade, and then Brat Fest in Madison. Gov. Walker plans to visit Wood National Cemetery in Milwaukee and then the Fallen Warrior Memorial in Madison.

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