Lawsuit against new luxury airline for dogs dismissed

BARK Air called its first flight from New York to Los Angeles a "great success." (Credit: BARKAir)

A lawsuit involving a new luxury airline designed for dogs has been settled shortly after the company’s inaugural flight.

BARK Air, which has been operating out of New York's Westchester County Airport, was handed a lawsuit by Westchester County on May 30 for allegedly violating county law. The airline's first flight took off on May 24.

According to legal documents obtained by Fox News Digital, Westchester County Airport rules state that the airport's private jet section can only accommodate jets with nine passenger seats or fewer. BARK Air uses a Gulfstream Aerospace GV jet, which has 14 passenger seats.

Westchester County sought an injunction against BARK Air, which would have forced the airline to leave the airport altogether or move from the private jet area and move to the busier passenger terminal.

The lawsuit was settled June 10

A spokesperson for BARK Air said its operations were not impacted at any time, and that dogs can and will continue to "fly first." 

BARK Air will continue to operate flights to and from the county airport by selling a maximum of nine individual seats for human passengers on its flights.

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BARK Air flights for dogs


(Credit: BARKAir)

BARK Air's "white paw experience" flight flew from Westchester County Airport to Los Angeles’ Van Nuys airport on May 24. The price for one passenger and a dog amounted to a pricey $6,000.

The company describes itself as the "the world's first air travel experience designed specifically for dogs first, and their human companions second."

The company currently flies between Los Angeles, New York and London, England, but is considering adding more cities to its roster. The airline reportedly has its eyes on Paris, Milan, Chicago, Seattle, Florida and Arizona. 

This story was reported from Detroit. FOX Business contributed.