Band started during pandemic to host livestreamed concert

The arts and entertainment industry has been drastically impacted since the start of the pandemic, but a few local musicians who were out of work — decided to amp things up.

On Heatherview Drive in Brookfield, this basement serves a new purpose.

"We put together kind of a recording studio down here," Mike Jarvis said.

Cords, amps and socially distanced band members — this is the sound booth for the band "Elephonic."

"The pandemic made us work harder to get something together for the time it finally subsides," Jarvis said.

Despite the pandemic, these local performers couldn't tune out their love for music. 

"Slowly, one by one, we added to the group and we all bring something very unique and different," Thea Vorass said.

Thea Vorass

So they banded together, writing music that's melody-focused with a '60s feel to it. 

"It’s possible to create good things with the bad times," she said.

But starting a band in the middle of a pandemic wasn't all high notes...

"COVID scares, and wearing masks," Vorass said.

"I changed masks since we started just because it gets so wet with the sweat," said Jarvis.

Even though Elephonic hasn't performed in front of live audience just yet, they applaud themselves for playing it out during a time when everything else seemed out of tune.  

"This has been something that’s been very positive and i think it keeps us all going," Jarvis said.

Elephonic will make its debut in a virtual concert on March 4. The livestream will benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. If you'd like to tune in for the show — click here.

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