Baldwin, Thompson campaign in Milwaukee Tuesday

MILWAUKEE -- Wisconsin U.S. Senate candidates Tammy Baldwin and Tommy Thompson campaigned in the Milwaukee area Tuesday, September 18th. Baldwin spoke at Milwaukee's Rotary Club luncheon, while Thompson visited Ludman Industries.

Both Thompson and Baldwin had a shared message at separate appearances Tuesday -- cutting the federal deficit, and creating jobs.

Baldwin spoke with Milwaukee's Rotary Club at the downtown War Memorial Center Tuesday afternoon. There, Baldwin told supporters the country is headed in the right direction, but not quickly enough. Baldwin said American industries need a level playing field to compete overseas. Baldwin also stressed the importance of implementing tariffs on all imports to the U.S. to stress the importance of buying American products.

"Wisconsin hard working families, middle-class families need a champion, need a fighter, and that's what I've always done. My opponent has been out in Washington working for some of the most powerful special interests in this nation. I think we need one set of rules for all of us -- not a set of rules for the very wealthiest," Baldwin said.

Thompson spoke at Ludman Industries on North 124th Street in Milwaukee. Ludman Industries is a global manufacturer of briquetters, compactors, granulators, flaking and shredding mills.

"Nobody works as hard as me. You get with Tommy Thompson, you get a hard-working guy from Elroy and I still will out work any candidate any time," Thompson said.

Thompson said Baldwin lacks leadership and doesn't have a real plan for the future.

"What has she done in 14 years? I mean, don't you think now she's coming out and saving the world when she's running? She's been there for 14 years and has done nothing," Thompson said.

Thompson mentioned his campaign was broke after the primary -- the very reason he said he was running a low-profile campaign from the start.

While both candidates attacked one another Tuesday, they agree the middle class is key to winning this election.

These campaign appearances come one day before a new Marquette University Law School Poll is expected to be released. It will focus on the Wisconsin race for president and the U.S. Senate race.

The most recent MU Law School Poll released August 22nd showed Republican Tommy Thompson over Democrat Tammy Baldwin 50% to 41%.

Meanwhile, the first of three U.S. Senate debates planned is about 10 days away. Baldwin says Thompson has agreed to three debates before the Nov. 6 general election.

Baldwin said the candidates will debate Sept. 28, Oct. 18 and Oct. 26. Each of the debates will be broadcast statewide.

Baldwin says the first debate on Sept. 28 is sponsored by the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Foundation and will be in Milwaukee.

The second debate in Wausau on Oct. 18 will be sponsored by Wisconsin Public Television, Wisconsin Public Radio, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and TMJ4.

The third and final debate will be Oct. 26 hosted by Mike Gousha from WISN-TV in partnership with the Marquette University Law School and the WISN network of affiliates.