Baldwin, Thompson accept endorsements, talk Medicare

MILWAUKEE -- With about one month to go until voters take to the polls on November 6th -- the campaigning continued Monday, October 8th for Republican Tommy Thompson and Democrat Tammy Baldwin in the race for Wisconsin's U.S. Senate seat.

Baldwin received an endorsement Monday from the Alliance for Retired Americans on both the state and national levels.

Meanwhile, Baldwin's opponent, former Wisconsin governor Thompson was in Chippewa Falls receiving his own endorsement from the National Rifle Association.

Baldwin said Monday as Secretary of Health and Human Services under George Bush Sr., Thompson gave big drug companies a sweetheart deal with Medicare Part D.

"Under his watch it was made illegal under federal law for Medicare to bargain with pharmaceutical companies for better prescription drug prices," Baldwin said.

Last week, Thompson said it wasn't him, but a Democratic Senator and a Republican Congressman who put the language into the Legislation.

"I was the secretary and it passed the United States Senate and the House of Representatives with my help pushing it through, but I didn't put the language in," Thompson said.

Baldwin told supporters she regards Medicare and Social Security not just as programs, but as promises -- saying seniors who have paid into the two programs have earned benefiting from them.

Thompson said he supports Medicare options.

"Those under age 55 in 2020 -- give them a choice: either go under Medicare knowing that it is going bankrupt in 2024, or put them on the federal health insurance benefit -- just like Congress," Thompson said.

Baldwin and Thompson have two more debates planned ahead of election day -- one on October 18th and another on October 26th.