Assembly Speaker Vos fears Evers' plan to OK medical pot 'a slippery slope'

MADISON — Republican leaders in the Wisconsin Assembly aren't happy with Democratic Gov. Tony Evers saying legalizing medical marijuana could start the process for full legalization.

Evers said last week he would probably include a "first step" toward legalizing medical marijuana. He said that will start the process toward full legalization, including a potential statewide referendum.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said Tuesday, Jan. 22 he's open to legalizing medical marijuana, but he doesn't want that to "lead us down a slippery slope where there's pot on every corner." He said he hopes Evers hasn't "poisoned the conversation through his own inexperience."

Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke said using legalization of medical marijuana to move to full legalization would be a problem for many in the GOP Assembly caucus.