"Arrested 33 times in the last ten years:" U.S. Marshals seek Johnny Bynum

MILWAUKEE- - A man who is heading the wrong way in life is back on the radar of law enforcement.

“He's armed with multiple firearms,” the agent on this case explained. “One of which may include an extended magazine and one of them has a silencer or a suppressor on the firearm.

U.S. Marshals say while on parole, authorities received information 27-year-old Johnny Bynum was up to his old tricks. He is once again accused of selling narcotics on the streets of Milwaukee. Recent efforts to try to arrest him have led to at least two police pursuits with the Milwaukee Police Department. Bynum's criminal history is filled with violence and drug dealing. Agents say he's been arrested more times than the number of years he's been alive.

“He's been arrested 33 times in the last ten years,” the agent said.

U.S. Marshals say Bynum also has a history of intimidating the witnesses to his crimes -- this makes it harder to prosecute him.

The markings on his body make him easy to identify.

“He's got a few tattoos on his body. The ones that will be more prevalent will be on his left arm. He has a tattoo of the Brewers logo...uh the Packers logo as well as a tattoo that says Johnny Boy," the agent said.

Bynum typically has long hair that's pulled back. He frequents the city's north side.

“ hangs out in the area of 37th and Locust as well as 57th and Locust,” the agent said.

Agents are now asking the community send information of Bynum's whereabouts in the hopes of getting a career criminal back on the right track of the justice system. Call the tip line at 414-297-3707.