Arrest made after graffiti at Kettle Moraine High School

WALES -- The Waukesha County Sheriff's Department was called to Kettle Moraine High School Friday morning to investigate graffiti that was found on a wall at the school. Sunday, it was announced that an arrest was made in this case. Officials say the intent was tagging only, and there is no threat of harm to students or the school.

Officials at the school say there is no imminent danger to students or staff as a result of the graffiti. The school was not placed on lock down. No weapons were found at the school and no threats were made to any individuals.

The graffiti has been painted over. Investigators believe it was spray painted around 10 p.m. Thursday.

Parents of students at Kettle Moraine H.S. have been emailed about the graffiti situation.

School district officials say they take this kind of action seriously. On the school website, a statement reads, "The safety and security of our students and staff is the priority in all circumstances. Kettle Moraine High School remains open. The district respects the parent's choice to remove their student for the remainder of the day."

Kettle Moraine senior Greg Gamroth felt uneasy walking into school after seeing the vandalism.

"Second hour, our principal made an announcement on the news speaker, so then everybody knew about it and a lot of people left. This is usually a pretty good district but with this graffiti and stuff it's kind of weird, so I didn't feel like risking anything today," Gamroth said.

Gamroth also decided to leave for reasons that had nothing to do with his safety. "Most of the teachers were reviewing stuff since there wasn't many people left in class," Gamroth said.