Arizona woman transforms her home into a 1950s time capsule

While many people renovate their home to make it more modern, one Valley woman has done the complete opposite, as she transformed her North Phoenix home into a time capsule that sends people back to the 1950's.

For Rochelle Anvik, a dream come true

Rochelle Anvik isn't living in a TV show, and she's no character. What people see in her home is real life. Her everyday life.

"It's surreal," said Anvik. "Sometimes I wake up and realize 'oh my gosh, I have actually fulfilled my dream that I dreamt about for so long,'" said Anvik.

When Anvik and her husband bought their home two years ago, there were a few stipulations, and one of them was that the home to be built in the 50s.

"I wanted a house that came with that history," said Anvik.

House is a step back in time, with a modern twist

Whatever history didn't come with the home, Anvik would add herself. Her home, from top to bottom, is 50s inspired. From the colors, consisting of pops of popular pink, mint green, turquoise, pale yellow and blue.To the quirky touches of knick knacks galore and the authentic vintage furniture.

"I guess if you really think about the 50s and watch the movies, they're always smoking and drinking. That's kind of what they did, so a lot of ashtrays in the house. I have a coffee table that has built-in ashtrays. It's originally from the 50s because that's what they did. We don't smoke, so I have candy cigarettes, and I burned the tips to make it look like they've been smoked," said Anvik. "The lamps were usually of people, which is really interesting. Also, they thought that the Asia region was so glamorous, so they really glamified that, so a lot of the decor was Asian inspired."

The appliances are all per era, with a modern touch.

"Our oven and our stove are actually from the 50s, and they work perfectly. In my opinion, they actually work better than modern ovens and stoves," said Anvik. "The biggest question people ask me is the TV: do we watch TV? And as you can see, we have a 1950s TV, but we took out the old tube and put a flat screen behind it, so we can watch Hulu, Netflix, all of the modern TV shows."

Anvik's bedroom is ballerina-themed. As for the other rooms, one can find her love for the 50s combined with her love of all things Disney, with Walt Disney's office.

"As if he goes in there and thinks of a new concept for Disneyland, and the Walt Disney door is pretending that if you walk out that door, you're going to Disneyland," said Anvik.

It also features Anvik's favorite ride at the park: the Haunted Mansion.

"It's actually my wardrobe room, so that’s where my clothes are. That's where I get ready," said Anvik.

Finally, no 50s home would be complete without its own enchanted tiki room.

Anvik's 50s obsession began at an early age

One may wonder why anyone would choose to live decades behind. Anvik says her 50s obsession started at a very young age. It was inspired by her grandfather and trips to antique stores with her mother.

"It started because my grandfather was a news journalist in the 50s, and he interviewed all of the old Hollywood stars, and my mom would tell me the stories. It just sounded so glamorous, and I obviously want to be born in the 50s, so I have this feeling of I missed out," said Anvik.

Whatever Anvik missed out on, it's safe to say she is making up for it now.

While the home is not open for public tours, Anvik does rent it out from time to time for photo and video shoots.

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