Apps available to help with viewing fall foilage

(CNN) – Autumn is officially upon us and a trip to see brilliant fall foliage will be on the agenda for many Americans over the next few weeks. For those looking to hit the road for a glimpse of those colors, there are now apps available that can help.

The Leaf Peeper app for iPhone and Android maps which regions are turning, moderate, peak or past prime. Users can also upload photos and add their own reports.

How do you tell the difference between all those pretty leaves? Check out the Tree ID app – iPhone only. This app helps identify leaf characteristic, bark and fruit. It will also tell you where they are found.

Can't get enough about leaves? Try Leaf Snap, developed by scientists at Columbia University, University of Maryland and the Smithsonian for the iPhone and iPad. This app lets users snap photos of their findings and match it with the right species.

If you love hiking, then don't forget to download the All Trails app for Apple and Android products. It searches more than 40,000 paths to find one near you with reviews from those who've baled the trail before.

And if you are in a fall football frenzy, try an app like the Sports Bar Finder or the Fan Finder. These apps locate the closest watering holes with your game on tap.