Apple farmers feeling the fallout from extreme drought

NEW BERLIN -- Apple farmers in southeast Wisconsin are beginning to feel the fallout from this season's extreme drought.

New Berlin's Patterson Apple Orchard has suffered along with many others. The orchard's owners say it's going to be a tight year on apples.

"Wholesale prices are about double of what they were last year," said Jay Patterson.

Ironically, Patterson says one week into the selling season, his apple sales are triple what they were during the same stretch in 2011.

"I'm assuming that they're just, kinda, yeah, they got that worry in 'em, that there's not gonna be that many, so they're buying them while they can," said Patterson.

The bad news for consumers is that they're likely paying 30-cents more per pound this year.

"Noticed the prices are a little bit higher, but it's to be expected, I suppose, if their crops are down. So, they have to make their profit also," said Mary Jo Reinke.

Patterson tells FOX6 News this year's yield of Honey Crisp apple will actually be down to about 200 bushels. Normally, he'd produce about 1,500 bushels of the same variety in a season.

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