Anthony Perkins sentenced to 15 years in death of Russell Setum

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- 24-year-old Anthony Perkins, one of three men charged with the armed robbery and murder of 24-year-old Russell Setum, was sentenced to 15 years in prison and eight years extended supervision Tuesday, May 28th.

Setum was shot and killed Sunday, April 29th near 48th and Wright. 22-year-old Robert Cameron, 23-year-old Anthony Perkins and Kevin Pittman also faced charges in connection with the incident.   Cameron received life in prison.  Pittman got 20 years behind bars.

According to the criminal complaint, Russell Setum drove to his mother’s house on April 29th. Leona Setum told police she saw her son go to his knees, raising his hands in the air. The suspect asked for Russell Setum’s jacket and shoes. As Leona begged the gunman not to shoot her son, he told her, “Sorry Mama” and shot her son in the head and then in the foot.

Leona Setum was also shot during the incident.

Russell’s vehicle was later stolen, stripped and burned.

Authorities say Perkins acted as a messenger during the armed robbery.  Perkins asked for a lighter sentence because of it.

"I never shot anybody or anything," Perkins said in court.  "I'm looking at it this way,  I should be able to my family because I didn't pull the trigger. I didn't do anything."

But the judge said Perkins was not an innocent man.

"You were in contact, you wanted to be cut into the proceeds and you subsequently followed them after the homicide," Judge Jeffrey Wagner said.

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