Ann Romney rallies supporters at Marquette University

MILWAUKEE -- Ann Romney, the wife of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, rallied supporters at Marquette University on Thursday, September 20th.

Wisconsin's First Lady Tonette Walker introduced Romney at the lunchtime rally which targeted women voters.

Ann Romney believes Wisconsin can be carried by Republicans -- and she brought with her women who worked with her husband when he was governor of Massachusetts. She spoke of Mitt Romney's high regard for women -- which consisted of half of his cabinet at the time.

"We know that he cares about women -- about making the economy good for women and he cares that these past four years have been the most difficult on women. Do you know more women have become unemployed than men in the last four years? Do you also know more women have fallen into poverty in the last four years? I know we need to have women out there understand that this is a person that cares -- that Mitt is a person that will work harder than anyone and he also will not fail," Ann Romney said.

Stephanie Marecki heads the Students for Romney group at Marquette University that helped organize Thursday's rally.

"I would say most students are concerned about the economy. Myself, I'm graduating in the next couple of months and looking at what unemployment rates are like and the fact that a lot of jobs just aren't out there," Marecki said.

Mrs. Romney also took time to tell supporters about the caring side of Mitt Romney -- a man she's been married to for 42 years. She said those characteristics would carry on in the White House.

"Mitt is running to make sure that all of those dreams, all of those people who are working so hard will know that the next generation, the promise of America will always be there for them. We love this country. We love what it has given to all of us. We love what it will give to our children. We continue to fight to keep America what it's always been -- the hope of the earth," Ann Romney said.

Ann Romney was scheduled to speak in Iowa later Thursday.

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