Angry Starbucks employee goes off on customer, gets fired over viral Facebook post

ELMHURST, NEW YORK (WITI) -- An employee at Starbucks was fired after a video of her berating and yelling at customers in a New York store went viral.

According to PIX11, the video posted to Facebook begins with the employee screaming at a customer over a "straw." When the customer asks to speak with a manager, the employee continues to yell, claiming she is the manager.

Afterwards, the customer, Ruby Chen, took to her Facebook page to write about the incident on Friday, May 15th. In her post, Chen says the ranting 'manager' was actually a shift supervisor and has since been fired. Chen was also offered a $100 gift card by the district manager.

Pennapa Castro is the customer who caught the whole incident on tape and posted it to her Facebook page on Tuesday, May 12th writing "too much attitude at Starbucks."

Since the video has been posted, it has gotten over 1 million views.