Amazon delivery driver praised for following odd 'additional instructions' for package

MAGNOLIA, Del. -- An Amazon driver is being celebrated for delivering a little fun — and attention to detail — with her packages.

Last week, Lynn Staffieri ordered something off of Amazon. While the Magnolia, Del., mom did not likely think much of the order, the delivery definitely left an impression.

As the delivery woman for Amazon left the package on the doorstep, she knocked three times and then ran away screaming “Abracadabra!”

Footage of the exchange, which was all captured on Nest camera, was posted to Staffieri’s Facebook page last Monday, where Staffieri explained that “apparently, my youngest son, had put some 'additional instructions' for delivery,” and the Amazon deliverer followed them perfectly.

In a picture of the “additional instructions” on the Amazon app, Staffieri shows that her teenage son had written that the delivery driver should “knock on the door 3 times and scream abra cadabra as loud as you can and run super fast away.”

Staffieri didn't know this at the time, but once the delivery was dropped off, her son reportedly explained what had happened.

“Thank you to this great Amazon delivery woman!” Staffieri wrote in the post, although she did apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused the essential worker.

“It made us smile even though my son should not have done that so I apologize for that. I do appreciate that the driver looked closely enough at the instructions though because I know a lot of people wouldn’t,” she continued.

The mom ended her note with hashtags thanking essential workers and saying she needed “some laugher.”

The funny and sweet video went viral, earning over 1.7 million views on Facebook, and over 1,000 reactions.

Those who commented on the post complimented the delivery driver as well.

“That woman deserves a raise,” part of a comment read.

“This is so great,” another wrote.

“She’s definitely great!!!” someone else exclaimed.

“She is so adorable!!!” one wrote.

Though the Amazon worker has not been identified as of Monday morning, those on Facebook have thanked her far and wide for her actions.