Alleged daycare sexual assault suspect only 12 years old

CEDARBURG (WITI) -- FOX6 News has obtained exclusive information about the Cedarburg daycare that closed after allegations of sexual assault. The suspect is another child.

The 12-year-old boy at the Family Tree Learning Center daycare is accused of multiple counts of first degree sexual assault. Juvenile court records show the child was placed in secure detention on April 21st.

A four-year-old child said the older boy touched his private parts, gave him candy, and told him to keep it a secret.

"I was quite devastated to think my child had gone to daycare there at one time and to hear that all these other children are now victims at the same daycare when there was already a previous incident," said one father.

The father of another young child says he became aware of a similar incident that was investigated more than a year ago at the same daycare.

"They were in the washroom of the daycare and there had been sexual contact. The children were all questioned by social services and Cedarburg police at that time but nothing was ever pursued," that father recalls.

The father says the 12-year-old involved in the latest incident was questioned at that time. An 11-year-old was asked to leave the daycare. This father feels authorities failed in protecting the community.

"When children are involved that's social services job and the police department's job to protect kids. They're innocent. They should be protected and watched out for, especially the little ones in the age range pre schoolers, they should be protected," the father added.

The suspect will be in court May 3rd for a plea hearing. Cedarburg police say they have reached out to 20 to 30 other parents looking for possible victims. They will be interviewing more children next week.

The daycare center closed last week after voluntarily turning over their license.