'All hell was breaking loose:' NWS confirms EF-0 tornado in Camp Lake area Monday

The National Weather Service confirmed an EF-0 tornado in Camp Lake, Wisconsin Monday, Aug. 10.

It moved through the Kenosha County area with winds up to 80 mph.

It was rated an EF-1 south of the border with EF-0 damage in Wisconsin.

Neighbors said it sounded like a train, and left behind twisted trees and other damage.

"I looked out the door and all hell was breaking loose," said Javier Lorenzo. "That was a freight train -- out of this world."

"You could hear the whistling, and it just kept getting louder, and louder, and louder," said Diana Garcia.

A day later, there was new noise in the neighborhood -- the sound of chainsaws slicing through dozens of downed trees in Trevor, and hammers repairing damaged roofs.

"Still shock," said Garcia. "It's a lot of mess."

Diana Garcia's pool

Garcia hid in her garage as the whipping winds destroyed her pool.

"When it was all done and over, we opened up the door and we were like, oh, my Lord," said Garcia.

As neighbors cleaned up, a team with the National Weather Service surveyed the damage.

"We try to assess house by house, or location by location," said Tim Halbach with the NWS.

Storm damage cleanup in Kenosha County

The NWS confirmed EF-0 tornadoes near the Camp Lake area and near Lake Geneva Monday.

"Mostly tree damage, and also shingles moving from houses, too," said Halbach.

Neighbors said it happened fast.

"It was nasty," said Lorenzo. "It was very scary, but thank God everyone is alive, no one got hurt, and the community came and helped," said Lorenzo.

"Day by day," said Garcia. "The only thing I can say is no one got hurt. That's the main thing. This stuff is materialistic, and it can be replaced."

Many people rode out the storm in bathrooms and basements -- relieved things weren't worse.  

National Weather Service: EF-0 tornado touched down in Lake Geneva Monday

The National Weather Service in Milwaukee/Sullivan, Wisconsin will be sending a damage survey team out to three locations in far southeast Wisconsin ON Tuesday, Aug. 11.